Founded in 2010 by ex-members of The Clique, The Bresslaws, and The Effectives. Our sound is firmly rooted in the tradition of the great sixties Soul/R&B bands, complete with Hammond organ and harmonica.


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  • Gavin “Stretch” Davies

    Electric guitar & vocals

    Gavin “Stretch” Davies was born in a coal mine in Abergavenny, South Wales in 1968. After digging himself out in 1983 using his father's old guitar, he tunnelled his way to London, and along the way honed his vocal and guitar skills with various wild roaming Troubadors. Stretch played his first gig at the tender age of 22, playing Cream and Eagles covers at someone’s wedding. When quizzed about his musical influences, Stretch told us "The usual – Small Faces, The Who, Kinks, Booker T. I love rare soul and psychedelia”. A member of long established Medway Garage band, The Bresslaws, Stretch was poached by Aunt Nelly for his vocal and psychedelic guitar skills.

    Ruth “Ruthie” Ling


    Ruth “Ruthie” Ling was born 1967, in the musical powerhouse that is Brixton, South London, famous for musical talents such as David Bowie and Mick Jones & Paul Simonon from The Clash. Her love of music grew from influences in the latter part of the 70's from the likes of Pat Benatar, Tina Turner, Blondie, The Jam, Whitney Houston and Luther Vandross, to name a few. "I love all kinds of music just as long as it moves my soul and gets me singing” proclaims Ruthie. Having dabbled in performances over the years, from local appearances to recording lead or backing vocals, Ruthie has now finally settled with Aunt Nelly and thoroughly enjoys belting out a good tune.

    Dom "Sausage Fingers" Strickland

    Hammond & harmonica

    Dom "Sausage Fingers" Strickland, who was left in an orphanage in the port of Hull by a sarcastic Yorkshire seaman in 1966, cut his musical teeth chewing on a pair of Hickory drumsticks. His early appearances in bands such as legendary 90's Mod outfit The Clique, as well as Dog and Mustn't Grumble to name a few, honed his keyboard and harmonica skills. He draws influences from artists such as Booker T Jones, Jimmy Smith and Harp legend Little Walter and hopes that one day he will learn to play his damned instruments. Sausage Fingers provides the jazzy Hammond organ licks and wailing harmonica toots for the awesome sound that is Aunt Nelly.

    Phillip “Plug” Otto

    Bass guitar

    Phillip “Plug” Otto, was found in a basket in the London Borough of Bromley, Kent in July 1965. After learning to play trombone at school, Plug picked up the bass guitar at the age of 15 and formed his first band, The Upper Fourth. After moving to London he co-founded The Jukes who evolved into 1990’s mighty Mod band, The Clique. Most of Plug's musical interests are rooted firmly in the early 1960's club sounds. ‘Forget all that commercial rubbish,” he says, "most of the good stuff never made it into the charts”. Plug has also played and recorded with The Bloodhounds, Voodoo Boiler, The Wheels, The Pretty Things and Holly Golightly, and plenty of bands he’s forgotten. When he remembers, he twangs the bass for Aunt Nelly.

    Ian 'Snowy' Snowball


    Ian 'Snowy' Snowball, was born way, way after the others at an undisclosed time and place. Snowy cut his teeth on a Texan bar and in Medway Garage band, The Effectives. In between playing with the Nellys and hobnobbing with celebrities, he keeps his pencils sharp and scribbles down books on bands such as The Jam, Ocean Colour Scene and Oasis as well as a few fictional novels. Snowy is still blagging it behind the drums and still trying to avoid playing live with Aunt Nelly. 


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